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Statement of Function & Curriculum Offer

Our Function:

The Leicester Partnership School provides a pupil referral service to Leicester City’s mainstream secondary schools and has played a significant and key role in the development of Leicester City’s Secondary Behaviour & Inclusion Strategy. The LPS has been instrumental in …….

  • developing a graded Pastoral Support Planning [PSPs] system
  • developing a universal information passport
  • The developing a high quality Alternative Provider Network for young people who find it difficult to make progress and succeed in a mainstream school environment.

The LPS has progressed from being a number of separate, semi-autonomous, education centres / units into a federation of provision consisting of 2 specialist education centres. These Centres have a range of separate & distinct functions as detailed below:

KS 3 & 4  Education Centre – Carisbrooke Centre:

  • In-School & Outreach Support [Helping to support appropriate referrals and raise mainstream schools’ capacity to managing more challenging students]
  • KS3 & 4  Dual Registration and / or Permanent Exclusion – [70 FTE places].

Millgate Lodge Centre:

  • KS4 vocational placements – [20 FTE places] – Providing high quality and suitable alternative / vocational education for permanently excluded students who find it hard to achieve within a mainstream school or specialist setting
  • KS4 brokered vocational placement & quality assurance services – [50+ places] – offering mainstream schools a quality assured network of alternative provision providers
  • Each of these functions is critical to the smooth running and delivery of the City’s current secondary behaviour support arrangements.
  • Because the LPS is able to respond in a timely manner students can be assessed and managed effectively while suitable long term education provision is identified and arranged.


Our Referral & Admission Arrangements:

Students are referred to the LPS via the following pathways:-

  • Following a permanent exclusion – Referral is via the Local Authority’s Admissions & Exclusions Team
  • Following a Pastoral Support Planning [PSP] meeting – Referral is via a mainstream school when a student is at risk of permanent exclusion or disengagement from mainstream education.

All PSP referrals must be supported by a fully completed information passport, providing a student biography, assessment of academic levels and achievement potential, a behaviour log, an intervention log and an expected outcome [exit Strategy].

The LPS offers a total of 95 full time equivalent student places and these are allocated to schools using a Day Place System. Schools are able to spend their Day Places on provision and can gain Day Places when they reintegrate a student back into mainstream education.

In addition the LPS also provides a range of places designed to enhance students’ educational opportunities and potential by facilitating their access to mainstream education.

Our Curriculum Offer:

We offer a curriculum that maximises each young person’s educational potential and life chances so that they are able to re-engage in mainstream education or in other more suitable alternative education provision, including; vocational placements, further academic study, training or special education.

In order to achieve this we offer individualised education programmes; these programmes focus on achieving qualifications in mathematics, English language, Science and Information Technology. In addition our students are able to gain a broad range of vocational qualifications as, academic qualifications are offered at both GCSE and Functional Skills levels. We also provide study support for those students who are referred to the LPS towards the end of year 11. Our KS3 students have access to a broad range of sporting and recreational programmes delivered as part of their education timetable, while our KS4 students are able to select a range of sports based courses delivered via our network of vocational providers.

We assess all of our students on entry to determine their academic levels and preferred learning style[s] and we use this information to determine the most suitable educational package for each of them. At KS4; GCSE and Functional Skills qualifications are offered alongside vocational qualifications and at KS3; a combination of National Curriculum and Functional Skills programmes are taught.

As a result of this approach a very high proportion of our students are able to return to mainstream education successfully and with improved levels of literacy, numeracy and confidence. We are also able to effectively identify the needs of our students resulting in the very large majority of them being able to progress successfully into suitable education, training and employment.

You can access a full description of the qualifications that we currently offer via the document  below:-

LPS Qualification Summary (Sept 2018)

Shaun Whittingham
Head Teacher  – Leicester Partnership School