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Leicester Partnership School

The Leicester Partnership School (LPS) works proactively and supportively with secondary schools throughout the City to provide support to Leicester City resident young people who find it difficult to engage in mainstream education. In providing this service the LPS is committed to supporting students and their schools to access a range of suitable alternative educational placements. To this end the LPS has developed a range of in school support, advice and guidance, in school group work programmes and part time and fulltime provision delivered from its Specialist Learning Centres.

Ofsted judged that we provide good quality teaching in our learning centres when it stated:

“Teaching is good in all centres, and occasionally it is outstanding. As a result, students develop positive attitudes to learning and make good progress in lessons.” [OFSTED September 2013]

Ofsted also commented on the high quality alternative provision and programmes offered by the Leicester Partnership School when it stated ….

“Good partnerships with local businesses, schools, colleges and local vocational education providers have resulted in a rich variety of educational opportunities and experiences for students. These prepare them well for further education, employment or training. [OFSTED September 2013]

The links above provide information relating to each of these provisions & programmes.

As well as providing information about the programmes that we offer this website also provides you with access to other information and tools relating to the work of the LPS. In particular there is information about referral arrangements.

The school ensures children learn in a safe, caring and enriching environment. Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, to develop positive and healthy relationships, how to avoid situations where they might be at risk including by being exploited.


Your comments and suggestions about any aspect of the service provided by the LPS are always welcome. Please forward these to the appropriate staff detailed under each provision area or to myself at the email address provided below:

If you have any Health & Safety concerns relating to the Service or any of its partner organisations please contact myself or the Designated Senior Person for each provision, as detailed below:-

Best wishes,

Shaun Whittingham
Head Teacher



KS3 Education Centre   – Hilroy Thomas (Ext 203)

KS4 Education Skills Centre – Andrew Barrett (Ext 403)

Pastoral Support Team –  Rebecca Edwards (Ext 205)

Special Educational Needs Coordinator [SENCo]  – Jude Colver  (Ext 206)

If, as a parent or carer, you require any information or guidance relating to the safeguarding of children please click on the link below.  The LSCB website provides Parents /Carers and those working with children with a comprehensive range of advice and information on what action to take if you have any concerns about the well-being or safety of a child.  You can use the link below to access the LSCB  Website …


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